Autentiske koreanske BBQ

Hos os sætter vi en ære i altid at levere den højeste kvalitets koreansk specialiteter der for er vores retter er lavet af friske efter din bestilling.


Åbnings tider
  • Koreansk bbq - Frederiksberg

    Alle dage: 12:00 – 22:00

    (Køkken lukker kl 21:30)

  • Koreansk BBQ - Nordhavn

    Søndag til Torsdag 12:00 - 22:00

    Fredag og Lørdag: 12:00 - 24:00

    (Køkken lukker kl 21:30)


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  • 4 star review  I liked it a lot - we were the first in on Saturday lunchtime - it opens midday - and I was immediately impressed by how spacious it is, and how well the tables looked. I had been led to believe it's rather austere, but it is not at all - it's just spacious. It's very telling that the next customers in after us were young Asian couples, who looked at home and relaxed as though they were regulars. They obviously liked it too. I'm definitely going back. The food I thought was excellent- you cook the meat on a hot plate at your table, hence I suppose the Korean BBQ description. Menu is interesting and I definitely recommend the kimchi pancakes, which were much better than I expected. Only the 2nd time I've had Bibimbap and this was easily as good as the other one I had at an other Korean restaurant in Copenhagen- so this is definitely worth the trip out into the 'burbs, if you hanker for some Korean eats. Very nice, cheap and with good, friendly service, too.

    thumb nick ede

    4 star review  Very nice restaurant. We had good korean barbecue of pork(half fat with skin), delicious pancakes, typical mixed rice in hot stone pot(seldom in Europe) and seaweed soup. Foods are grilled in a pan, so it is a bit warm inside. Waiters replaced our pan after some time of grilling. Unfortunately, the pan never came back......

    thumb Lena Li
  • 4 star review  Not the same as the ones i usually go to but this is the closest i could find to a good korean bbq in denmark. It is delicious but sometimes i feel that I'm missing something. Not sure what it is though.

    thumb Fleur Andersen

    4 star review  Very polite and nice staff. The food was good. The restaurant was nice but could be a bit more cosy.

    thumb Marie Nielsen